Baronial Charter

Version #6 October, 2009

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ARTICLE I -- Baronial Charter Supremacy

I-100 This Charter and its contents will be modified, contravened or negated in whole or in part to comply with any changes to Middle Kingdom Law or Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. corporate policy, without discussion or vote process.

I-200 This charter and its contents will remain in force and can be modified with the following procedures providing the changes do not conflict with Article I-100:

a) At any business meeting, any active member can call for an amendment.

b) A second must be received from another active member present.

c) If such a vote is called for and seconded, It is then open for discussion for a suitable period of time.

d) The amendment then must be publicized to members not present in all other possible relevant venues (in the group newsletter and on the group electronic discussion list). The final vote date and time must also be published at least one (1) month in advance of the vote.

e) At the next business meeting, a vote on the amendment will be held.

f) The amendment will need a two-thirds majority of active members present to pass.

ARTICLE II -- Defined Arms of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon

II-100 The Baronial Arms of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon are registered with the College of Arms and listed in the Ordinary of Arms of the S.C.A. Inc., and are blazoned: "Ermine, in bend sinister a gryphon stooping Or, enflamed proper, and a laurel wreath palewise vert."

II-101 The Baronial Arms may be borne as stated in governing sections of Middle Kingdom Law and the Corpora of the S.C.A. Inc.

ARTICLE III -- Baronial Officers, The Baron and/or Baroness of Flaming Gryphon

III-100 Responsibilities of the Baron and/or Baroness of Flaming Gryphon shall be as outlined in Corpora and Middle Kingdom Law.

III-101 The term of office of the Baron and/or Baroness of Flaming Gryphon shall not be limited by this document, except as required by Middle Kingdom Law or corporate policy of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

III-200 Officers of the Barony
1. General duties and requirements for all Baronial Officers

1.1. Required Baronial officers will consist of the Baron and Baroness, Seneschal, Exchequer, Herald, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Chronicler, Knight’s Marshal. Additional recommended officers include: Marshal of Fence, Archery Captain, Chatelaine, Chamberlain, Signet, Historian, Webminister, Chirurgeon, and Minister of Youth.

1.2.All baronial officers must be members in good standing as defined in Corpora.

1.3.All baronial officers are required to attend at least one (1) business meeting every quarter.

1.4. All baronial officers are required to have a fixed mailing address and reliable, working telephone access. Reliable e-mail access is strongly encouraged.

1.5.Baronial officers are to act as a resource for local officers, and should help foster communications in the specific duties associated with that office, including acting as a liaison between their superiors officers, local officers, and the Barony.

1.6.All officers will send reports as required by Middle Kingdom Law and policy to their Kingdom and regional superiors, with a courtesy copy of their reports to the Baron and Baroness and Baronial seneschal.

1.7.The failure to send in required reports can be held to serve as a resignation from office by the Great Officer of State that the office reports to.

1.8.Officers may appoint such deputies as they please.

2. Officer Changeovers

2.1.Baronial officers wishing to change office must announce their intention to resign at a Baronial meeting, and it should be reported in the minutes as published in the Baronial newsletter and on the Baronial website.

2.2.Local seneschals are requested to read the information about the published opening at a local meeting.

2.3. Resignation from baronial office is without prejudice. All change of officer forms must be turned in to all recipients as per kingdom law.

2.4.Individuals wishing to apply for a baronial office are requested to submit an application in writing to the appropriate Baronial officer, with courtesy copies to the Baron and Baroness and the Seneschal.

2.5.The Barony acknowledges that the Crown and Curia have the right to approve or disapprove any local officer. The procedure for selecting an officer is how we choose who we will recommend that Kingdom approve, but Kingdom has the right to accept or reject our recommendation without comment.

3. Specific Officer Descriptions
In addition to the general duties outlined in #1 and #2 above, these are the duties associated with specific Baronial offices:

3.1. Baron and Baroness: See Articles III-100 and III-101.

3.2. Seneschal: Responsible for organizing and conducting monthly Baronial business meetings, for supervising the activities of local seneschals, including providing training, resources, and first-level problem solving, for acting as an advocate for the needs of individuals, shires and groups at the regional and kingdom level when necessary, for working with the Baron and Baroness in providing leadership for the Barony.

3.3. Exchequer: Responsible for maintaining a record of the acquisition and disbursement of funds for the Barony and for all additional duties prescribed in the Exchequer's Manual.

3.4. Herald: Responsible for serving as heraldic consultant to the local groups and populace of the Barony, heralding Baronial Courts, for maintaining the Baronial Order of Precedence, and for reporting awards given.

3.5. Minister of Arts & Sciences: Responsible for promotion and encouragement of the arts and sciences within the Barony, including conducting the annual Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship.

3.6. Chronicler: Responsible for publishing the Baronial newsletter, the Gryphon’s Tale.

3.7. Knight’s Marshal: Responsible for conducting Baronial heavy weapons practices, for assisting with heavy weapons marshaling at Baronial events, for acting as heavy weapons marshal-in-charge for events in the Barony hosted by groups without a warranted marshal, and for training heavy weapons marshals and fighters within the Barony.

3.8. Marshal of Fence: Responsible for assisting with marshaling fencing activities at Baronial events, acting as fencing marshal-in-charge for the Baronial Fencing Championship and for events in the Barony hosted by groups without a warranted fencing marshal, and for training fencing marshals and fencers within the Barony.

3.9. Archery Captain: Responsible for assisting with marshaling archery activities at Baronial events, acting as archery marshal-in-charge for the Baronial Archery Championship and for events in the Barony hosted by groups without a warranted archery marshal, and for training archery marshals and archers within the Barony.

3.10. Chatelaine: Responsible for the introduction and education of new and prospective members in the culture, customs and courtesies of the Society, and for assisting local officers in the same as needed.

3.11. Chamberlain: Responsible for maintaining Baronial stores, for keeping a detailed list of items in the baronial stores, for providing access to the stores for the Barony and for working with local groups in the use of Baronial stores at events.

3.12. Signet: Responsible for the coordination of scrolls for Baronial courts, coordinating scroll assignment for Baronial courts, and for acting as a contact point for the Regional and Kingdom Signets.

3.13. Historian: Responsible for taking minutes of Baronial business meeting proceedings and providing the Chronicler with the same, and for the accumulation, compilation and storage of records of historical significance within the Barony.

3.14. Webminister: Responsible for maintaining the Baronial website and for ensuring regular updates of the same.

3.15. Chirurgeon: Responsible for the encouragement, development, and organization of the study, practice, and research of the practical applications of good Samaritan first aid. ( First aid performed in the SCA is good Samaritan in nature, and is distinct from medical aid.), for assisting with chirurgeonate duties at Baronial events, and for acting as chirurgeon-in-charge at events for groups without a warranted chirurgeon.

3.16. Minister of Youth: Responsible for the promotion and encouragement of youth activities in the barony.

ARTICLE IV -- Baronial Succession

IV-100 Baronial succession shall adhere to the poll requirements outlined in Corpora and Middle Kingdom Law.

ARTICLE V -- Baronial Awards

V-100 Award of the Flaming Brand - Given for service to the Barony.Members may wear the badge of the order blazoned: “Ermine, a torch proper”.

V-101 Order of the Gryphon's Spear - Given for service to the Barony and the Kingdom at the Pennsic War. The five principal members are known as the Gold Company. Members may wear the badge of the order blazoned: “(Fieldless) A gryphon passant maintaining a spear palewise sable”.

V-102 Award of the Gryphon's Plume - Given for excellence in arts or sciences. Members may wear the badge blazoned: “Ermine, a feather bendwise Or enflamed gules”.

V-103 Order of the Sable Shield - Given to all authorized heavy-weapons fighters. Members are known as Companions, Soldiers or Tourniers of the Sable Shield, and may wear the badge of the order blazoned: “Per pale ermine and Or, an inescutcheon sable”.

V-104 Academie de Griffe – Given to all authorized rapier combatants of the Barony.

V-105 Award of the Gryphon's Treasure - Given for service to the Barony by a minor.

V-106 Award of the Gryphon's Fire - Given for long and distinguished service to the Barony.

V-107 Baroness' Cypher - Given by the Baroness for exhibiting courteous behavior at all times. Recipients may wear a stylized badge consisting of the Baroness' initial combined with the letter 'B' and may style themselves as a Bearer of the Baroness' Cypher (BBC). This recognition may be received multiple times.

V-108 Order of St. Crispin - Given for exemplary efforts in authenticity. The first five members will be known as the "Hand of St. Crispin". Members may wear the badge of the order as registered by the SCA College of Arms and may style themselves as Companion of the Order of St. Crispin (CSC).

ARTICLE VI -- Barony of the Flaming Gryphon Expenditure Procedures

VI-100 Baronial expenditure processes will adhere to the requirements and laws outlined by Corpora and Middle Kingdom Law.

ARTICLE VII -- Procedures for the Purging of Baronial Property

A. The barony holds many property items in the care of the chamberlain. There may come a time when an item becomes broken or is no longer needed by the barony at large.

B. After looking through the chamberlain's itemized list of baronial property, any baronial member in good standing can request an item be purged from the baronial stores at a baronial business meeting.

C. There can be several options for that piece of property:
1. One of the baronial cantons may request it
2. It can be donated
3. It can be sold
4. It can be thrown away

D. A discussion will be held at the baronial business meeting concerning which of the four options would be the best for the piece of property. A vote at the next month's baronial meeting will determine what will ultimately be

E. The vote must be announced in the baronial meeting minutes, and group seneschals are encouraged to bring the discussion to their home groups.