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The Gryphon's Tale is the monthly newsletter for the Barony of the Flaming Gryphon. It is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and does not delineate SCA policies. Check out the latest issue!


Subscriptions are currently not available. If you would like to make a donation to the Chronicler’s office you will receive a courtesy copy of the Gryphon’s Tale for every dollar donated. The Tale will continue to be offered online for free (see below).


Submissions of educational or entertaining articles, original artwork, photos, news, local event flyers, calendar updates, officer letters, class handouts and “How To” guides for subjects pertaining to our SCA lives are always welcome. Please observe the following guidelines:

Current and Past Issues

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2022

Winter 2022885.69 KB

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2023

Winter 20233.62 MB

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2021

January - March 2021468.1 KB
April - June 20217 MB
Fall 2021676.84 KB

The Gryphon's Take -- 2020

October - December 2020643.67 KB

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2017

January - March 20172.12 MB

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2016

Summer 2016685.61 KB
Fall 20161.06 MB

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2013

Winter 20132.49 MB
Spring 20131.46 MB
Summer 20131.88 MB
Fall 20135.32 MB

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2012

Winter 20122.13 MB
Spring 20121.68 MB
Summer 20121.52 MB
Fall 20121.3 MB

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2011

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2010

No issues were published for the months of August or September of 2010.

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2009

No issues were published for the months of July, August or October of 2009.

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2008

No issues were published for the months of April or August 2008.

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2007

No issues were published for the months of June, July or August 2007.

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2006

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2005

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2004

No issues were published for the months of June and September 2004.

The Gryphon's Tale -- 2003