How to use the Order of Precedence
This is the Order of Precedence for the Barony of Flaming Gryphon and yet, it is not. What it really is is a set of lists:
  • all the people of Flaming and the awards they've received under the By Name tab
  • all the awards given by the Baron and Baroness of Flaming Gryphon under the Award/Honor tab
  • a way of listing all the awards given on a date or range of dates under the By Date(s) tab
These lists can include all Middle Kingdom awards as well as Flaming Gryphon awards
or they can be filtered to only include Baronial awards.

In addition to the lists, you can write an award recommendation for a Baronial award that will
go to Their Excellencies Flaming Gryphon and be stored in a database until acted upon.
Use the form found under the Recommendation tab.

If you don't see a person or an award that a person has received, that is an ommission.
If you find an award that someone hasn't received, or a name that might be misspelled, that is an error.
If you find an ommission or an error, you can report it via the form under the Omissions/errors tab.