Baronial Championship

November 5th, 9am-9pm
Epiphany Lutheran Church - Austin Campus
10551 Sheehan Road, Centerville, OH 45458

Please note that we need to stay in the celebration center of the church. There can be NO kids running around unsupervised outside of our area. The church will also be having an evening service at 5pm.


Gate Fee: $10
SCA member discount: $5
Kids 6-12: $2
5 and under: Free
Feast: $10

Tentative Schedule

9am - site opens
10:30am - A&S presentation of competitors
11:30am - Tournament Begins
4:00pm - Ladies' conclave
~5:00pm or whim of Their Excellencies - Court
6:00pm - Feast
After feast - Dancing

We will need help setting up chairs for the Sunday church services after dancing. Please stay, celebrate our new champion, and assist!


Lunch menu for the day, sponsored by Hawke's Keye:

$5 meal deal

  • Walking taco or Hummus plate
  • Dessert
  • Drink


On the table

  • Labnah (herbed soft cheese)
  • Fava bean dip with fennel and cumin
  • Crusty bread

First course

  • Beef and chickpea soup
  • Sweet tooth rice with yogurt and honey
  • Sauteed Aphrodisiac Greens

Second course

  • Grilled chicken in yogurt
  • Honeyed carrots in rosewater
  • Spiced chickpea patties


  • The Caliph's favorite shortbread


Autocrat: Baroness Christiana de Burgh
Deputy: Sgt. Aldis Sigurdardóttir
Gate Steward: THL Gwennan Myngrudd
Marshal in Charge: Baron Gilchryst MacPherson
Feast Steward: THL Amina al-yazici bint Ismail
Lunch Tavern: Hosted by Hawke's Keye