Baronial Twelfth Night

January 14th, 2023

Site and Gate opens at 9:00am and closes at 9pm

Abiding Christ Lutheran Church
326 E Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd.
Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Gate fee: A donation of a non-perishable food item to be donated to a local Fairborn food bank

Feast Fee: $15

Baronial Artisan Competition

Unto the Good people of the Barony of the Flaming Gryphon greetings from the Baronial Artisan, Master Syr Osmundus!

At the Baronial 12th Night, we will once again name a new Baronial Artisan. The following is how I plan to run the Artisan competition:

  • No limit on number of individual items entered
  • Bean-count voting with individuals getting the following number of beans according to their positions within our Society:
    1. Royal family members get 7 beans
    2. Laurels and Flaming Gryphon Baroness and Baron: 6 beans
    3. Order of the Evergreen: 5 beans
    4. Members of the Oak and/or Willow: 4 beans
    5. All others: 3 beans
  • Once the competition is over the number of beans will be counted for each competitor and results turned over to their Excellencies.
  • Baronial Gaming Champion

    The competition for the Baronial Gaming Champion will be announced later.


    Gates Open at 9am
    A & S Presentations to start at 11am
    Classes to start at 12pm (class schedule)
    Chili Cook Off to start at 12pm
    Gaming Championship to start at 1pm
    All Baronial Fencer Meeting at 3pm
    Children's Scavenger Hunt Ends at 4:30pm
    Court will be at 5pm
    Feast will start at 6pm
    Site Closes at 9pm

    Youth Point

    Youth Point is open from 1-3. All kids under 12 must have responsible adult present.
    The scavenger Hunt will go until 4:30pm.

    Feast Menu

    (V = Vegetarian)

    On table
    Butter (V)
    Mustard (V)
    Fruit preserve (V)
    Sourdough bread (V)
    Rye bread (V)
    Oatmeal Bread (V)

    First Course
    Barley Soup (V)
    Soft Cheese and Herb Pottage (V)

    Second Course
    Garnished Turnips (V)
    Buttered Wortes (V)
    Peppered Steak

    Dessert Course
    Cranberry Tarts (V)
    Mini Mince Brandy Tarts (V)
    Decorated Lebkucken (V)
    Decorated Sugar Biscuits (V)



    Event Steward
    Banamhaighstir Elena MacPhearson OP
    MKA Brenda McPherson

    Event Co-Steward
    Lady Inabe Yesue
    MKA Jama Shroyer

    A&S Competition Coordinator
    Sir Oz

    Event Gate
    MKA Aaron Porter

    Class Coordinator
    Inga Johansdottir
    MKA Angela Acker

    Lunch Tavern

    Game Coordinator
    Christopher of St. Joan
    MKA Chris Minniear

    Feast Stewart
    THL Tilla Chandler
    MKA Jennifer Bishop

    Bake Sale
    Mary Beth Hobson

    Youth Point
    Mistress Gyda Arnarsdottir OP, OL
    MKA Anne Biddick Berdanier

    Merchant Coordinator
    MKA Maya Galbraith

    Social Media
    Master Phil
    MKA Philip Reed

    Web Site
    Lancelin Peragrinus
    MKA Grant Root

    Darts Tournament
    Master Orn Askelsson OP
    MKA Michael Klefas