Sponsored SCA Branches

Sponsored branches are incipient groups outside the Barony's borders, yet still part of the "Baronial family" so that Flaming Gryphon can provide support until they reach full status.

Shire of Grenemere

Auglaize, Allen, and Mercer Counties, Ohio. Contact Erlingr Elldiarnsson MKA Levi Blake (grenemere.seneschal@midrealm.org), 419-615-5146.

As of 8/11/21: "Currently we have monthly meetings, which just started to meet in person outside. The meeting day was previously the 2nd Monday of the month, but since a few members are not able to meet on those days anymore we are in the process of changing them. Armored fight practices will be semi-weekly on Sunday starting this weekend. We are also going to be starting monthly A&S gatherings again on the 4th Wednesday of the month."