Upcoming Baronial Transition

Letter to the Populace of Flaming Gryphon Regarding the Upcoming Baronial Transition
from your Baronial Seneschal

Greetings from Master Phillip to the populace of the Great Barony of Flaming Gryphon!

Our fine Baron and Baroness, Dafydd and Meriel, have announced at Pennsic they are planning on stepping down at the end of their five year term next April. Therefore we need to begin the process of finding their successors. I am tasked to that end and will do everything I can to make the entire process smooth and transparent to all. If there are any questions at all as we move along over the upcoming months, please contact me.

Today, I want to give everyone an outline of what to expect and some idea on the schedule. Please keep in mind dates may change but, in general here is how things will go.

First: Informal discussions - For those who may be interested in being the next Baron and/or Baroness, Dafydd and Meriel are planning on making themselves available to talk about the position. I will let Their Excellencies fill in the details on those discussions. If anyone wants to talk with the seneschal as well, I am available. Please note: these are not the 'populace Q&A' sessions; those come later. These "informal discussions" are happening now. If you are interested, please contact Their Excellencies directly.

Second: Letters of Intent - The seneschal (me) is required to make an official announcement to the Barony that official Letters of Intent will be accepted during a 30-day period. The window for sending in any letters of intent will be the month of >>October 2015<<. Full details of what is required in the Letters will be sent out later with the official announcement. (This is not the official announcement - that will appear mid-September.)

Third: Internal Discussions with Candidates - Flaming Gryphon in the past has made efforts to have any candidates available for questions by the populace. I plan on continuing this and will look to schedule a set of question and answer sessions for everyone. As I know not everyone can make meetings or practices, I will try to have these Q&A sessions at different times so as many people as possible have a chance to ask questions directly to the candidates. If you cannot make any of the scheduled Q&A sessions, you can always send questions to me to ask the candidates in your stead. Please look for these discussions to be scheduled once we have the official list of candidates. I anticipate having a session at Baronial Championships, if we can fit it into the schedule.

Fourth: Distribution of Polls - Once the official Pale notification is published, the Baronial polling letters are mailed out (by the Group Transitions Deputy). The current plan is for the polls to be mailed out by >>November 30<<. Everyone will have until >>December 19<< to fill in and mail the letters back (to the Group Transitions Deputy) if they want their voice heard by the Crown. Polls will only be mailed to paid members who reside within the official zip codes of the Barony.

Please note: the updating of the paid-member list happens only once per month. If you are not a current paid member of the SCA, get your membership in quickly to ensure you will be included in the polling. Also, make sure your address is up-to-date with Society; if the address Society has on file is not within the barony's zip codes you will not be receiving a member poll. If you miss getting your membership up-to-date or you don't reside within the official zip-code list, you will still able to fill out a 'non-member poll' (which will be available on the Kingdom web site) and send it in.

All polls, both member and non-member, will be taken into consideration by the Crown when They make Their decision on the next Baron and/or Baroness. If you believe you should have received a member poll but didn't, let me know and I will work the deputy to resolve the issue. Only member polls mailed by the deputy will be counted as member polls.

Fifth: We Wait - Once all polls have been mailed in by the deadline, the rest of the process is handled by Kingdom. The Deputy of Group Transitions will compile the polls and provide them to the Crown. The Crown will then make Their choice of the next Baron and/or Baroness.

Last: Transition - Their Excellencies Dafydd and Meriel are currently targeting Grand Tournament of the Unicorn as when they will step down and when we will invest our new Baron and/or Baroness.

That's the process and timing. We have a little time before anyone must officially submit themselves as a candidate, and a bit more time before the official polling takes place. If there are questions about any of this process, please feel free to ask me.

Look for more information coming before long. I know Their Excellencies will want to talk with interested parties soon.

In Service,
Master Phillip
Seneschal, Barony of Flaming Gryphon
August 14, AS L