ARTICLE I -- Baronial Charter Supremacy

I-100 This Charter and its contents will be modified, contravened or negated in whole or in part to comply with any changes to Middle Kingdom Law or Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. corporate policy, without discussion or vote process.

I-200 This charter and its contents will remain in force and can be modified with the following procedures providing the changes do not conflict with Article I-100:

a) At any business meeting, any active member can call for an amendment.

b) A second must be received from another active member present.

c) If such a vote is called for and seconded, It is then open for discussion for a suitable period of time.

d) The amendment then must be publicized to members not present in all other possible relevant venues (in the group newsletter and on the group electronic discussion list). The final vote date and time must also be published at least one (1) month in advance of the vote.

e) At the next business meeting, a vote on the amendment will be held.

f) The amendment will need a two-thirds majority of active members present to pass.