ARTICLE VII -- Procedures for the Purging of Baronial Property

A. The barony holds many property items in the care of the chamberlain. There may come a time when an item becomes broken or is no longer needed by the barony at large.

B. After looking through the chamberlain's itemized list of baronial property, any baronial member in good standing can request an item be purged from the baronial stores at a baronial business meeting.

C. There can be several options for that piece of property:
1. One of the baronial cantons may request it
2. It can be donated
3. It can be sold
4. It can be thrown away

D. A discussion will be held at the baronial business meeting concerning which of the four options would be the best for the piece of property. A vote at the next month's baronial meeting will determine what will ultimately be

E. The vote must be announced in the baronial meeting minutes, and group seneschals are encouraged to bring the discussion to their home groups.