Baronial Championship

Baronial Championship

November 5, 2022 9am to 9pm

Epiphany Lutheran Church 6430 Far Hills Ave., Centerville, Oh 45459

Help with setup and teardown would be greatly appreciated.

Gate Fees: Donations accepted

Event Steward
THL Auðin Hrafnsson

It is time once again for us to gather in the long tradition of naming our next heavy weapons champion for the Barony.

Upon the first Saturday of the the 11th month (November 5, 2022) A tournament shall be held at the Epiphany Lutheran Church (6430 Far Hills Ave., Centerville, oh 45459) where contestants shall display their skills of marshal prowess and within the arts and sciences for the pleasure of the Ladies and populace of Flaming Gryphon. In the tradition of Flaming Gryphon, the next champion will be chosen by the ladies of the barony at the conclusion of the tournament to represent them through the the next year.

After the conclusion of court, A feast will be held provided by Lady Ragna Auðinarkona.
Cost shall be $12 per seat and will restricted to 50 persons. Feast registration will be first come, first served at troll the day of the event.


  • 8am - Site set up
  • 9am - Troll opens
  • 9-10am - Authorizations
  • 10:30am - Introductions and A&S displays
  • 11am-4pm - Heavy weapons Champions Tournament
  • 11am Lunch tavern open
  • 4pm - Lady’s of the Barony conclave
  • 5:30pm - Baronial court
  • 7pm - Feast!
  • 9pm- Clean up/ Site closes

Feast Menu

  • First remove
    • Starter of grapes, mixed nuts, olives, cucumbers and dried fruit
    • Hummus and pita
  • Second remove
    • Bread served with butter
    • Caesar salad
    • A stew of rabbit and vegetables served with farro
    • Beef hand pies
  • Third remove
    • A wheat and walnut pudding
    • Cranberry and blueberry bars
    • Coffee
  • A limited number of vegetable quiche will also be made available in place of the the stew and hand pies