Quick & Easy Garb - Lady Thalia Baroncelli (Harvest Day, Sept. 2010)

Two period extant garments using the T-tunic layout.

Important tips

  • ALWAYS pre-wash your fabric (unless it is dry-clean only). If you plant to paint or block print your fabric, do not use fabric softener or a dryer sheet.
  • 'Tis easier to "take it in" than "let it out" so give yourself some extra inches of "wiggle room" when cutting your fabric.


Period fabrics include: Linen, wool and silk (not the slubby raw silk). Also, fur lining is awesome for the colder events. However, feel free to use whatever fabric suits your fancy. Remember, even a simple tunic can look fabulous! (See the above examples.)


Here are some links to help you on your way and give you some ideas.

http://www.virtue.to/articles/in_depth_garb.html - Overview of easy tunics, coifs, belts and pouches.

http://personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/cloth/bockhome.html - An excellent source for line drawings of extant garments with bibliography and other source links.

A gardecorps
A fun one with lots of possibilities (from http://www.companyofoutremer.com/gardecorps.htm)

https://stockclerk.sca.org/ - CA0014 (Aug 1984) Costuming to a T - Basic SCA Sewing of a T-tunic. Also try "The Knowne Worlde Handbook" when the new edition becomes available. I was unable to find it in the stock clerk's current offerings. I would HIGHLY recommend TKWH. It is absolutely bursting with information on everything you and imagine (and some you didn't).

http://www.forest.gen.nz/Medieval/articles/Tunics/TUNICS.HTML or http://www.virtue.to/articles/tunic_worksheet.html - A more "fitted" T-tunic pattern using your measurements. This tighter style is also found in Middle Eastern cultures in period for making yeleks, caftans and galabias. It is more "complicated" than the "shirt method" but it is much more adaptable to different cultures and time periods. (And it's not as hard as it might seem - or "seam").

http://www.sca.org/officers/chatelain/newcomers.html - This is an excellent "primer" for people new to the SCA and includes a lot of information on culture and what to expect.

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