Branches Within the Barony

The Barony of the Flaming Gryphon consists of six sub-groups (also branches of the SCA).

Marche of Havenholde

Springfield / Clark County, Ohio. Contact Eoin Drake MKA Rob Schneider (, 937-510-5853.

Marche of Hawkes Keye

Butler and Warren Counties, Ohio. Contact Mako Hammar-Hjarta MKA David Caron (, 513-315-8715.

College of St. Joan (dormant)

University of Dayton. Contact Rosamund Beauvisage MKA Laura Hume (, 937-681-0050.

Marche of Norborough

Greenville / Troy, Ohio. Contact Bronwyn ni Mathain, MKA Yonnie Travis (, 937-573-9064.

Marche of the Unicorn

Miami University / Oxford, Ohio. Contact Rebecca Helton (, 513-512-3615.

Marche of the Winged Hills

Greater Dayton, Ohio. Contact William of Fairhaven MKA Patrick Savelli (, 937-878-4019.