The Pennsic War

Pennsic 44 will take place July 24th through August 9th, 2015.

Important Deadlines:

May 25
Deadline for official pre-registration form if mailed-in.
June 16
Deadline for on-line pre-registration (paid).
July 10
Your Baronial camp form (see bottom of page) and fees must be received.
July 11
Deadline for on-line pre-registration (unpaid).

Land Reeve

The Baronial Land Reeve for Pennsic 44 is:

Lady Elena MacPhearson
MKA Brenda McPherson
740 Wellmeier Ave.
Dayton, OH 45410


Our Baronial Camp is registered under the name Flaming Gryphon. If you would like to camp in the official Baronial camp, please choose this camp name when you register for Pennsic.

You must pre-register with Pennsic by June 16th and be registered with the Barony or you will be directed to single camping when you arrive on site. Our group only receives land for pre-registered members. If you do not register, we will literally not have any land available on which to put your tent.

Each person who registers with Pennsic will be given 250 sq. feet. 50 sq. feet of your space is donated to the Barony for pathways, common area, etc. This means that you only have 200 feet per person for tent space. If you have more than one person, you get 200 additional sq. feet for each person in the tent. A family of four would receive 800 sq. feet.

If you are part of a group who wishes to have their own community tent, you must provide your share of that space from your 200 sq. feet. For example, if four people want a 10 x 10 group awning, they must take 100 sq. feet of their combined space to donate to their awning.

The camp form (see bottom of page) must be completely filled out and all questions to tent size must be accurate.

In years past we have had problems because inaccurate sizes were given.

Baronial Camp Fees

Camp fees are $25.00 per person, $10.00 for ages 6-12, and 5 and under are free. There is a family unit cap of $70.00. (This means immediate family unit, not uncles, cousins, etc.). This fee covers the cost of maintaining camp supplies for the perimeter tiki torch fluid, propane gas for the shower, firewood, and baronial property upkeep.

Pennsic Web Pages

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