Arts and Sciences

Here are some sources of Arts and Sciences information available to members of the Barony. For more information, contact the Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Arts and Sciences Officers

Baronial Emergency Deputy
Amari Qira bat Abraham MKA Jennifer Thomas-Larson (
Mindy Dotson (
Ragnar of Birka MKA Eric Ottoson (
Hawkes Keye
Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli MKA Nancy Terselic (
St Joan
Open, group is dormant
Winged Hills
Meriel Fitzwilliam MKA Susan J. Riley (
Avelyn Grene MKA Kristen Sullivan (


  • MoAS Group Quarterly Report Form -- see below for Word and PDF formats

Articles / Handouts

MoA&S Group Quarterly Report Form.doc34.5 KB
MoA&S Group Quarterly Report Form.pdf14 KB