Baronial Officers

The following are the officers of the Barony of the Flaming Gryphon. (For officers of the Barony's component shires, contact the local Seneschals.)

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Cadogan Blaydes
MKA Aaron Krempa

Captain of Archers

Bertrande Fresneau
MKA Kristen Allen-Vogel


MKA Kate Caron

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Altan of the Moritu
MKA Alan Lirtzman
(513) 659-5249


Christiana de Burgh
MKA Kristi Ross
143 Freyn Dr.
Centerville, OH 45458
(513) 967-6899


Elena MacPhearson
MKA Brenda McPherson
740 Wellmeier Ave.
Dayton, OH 45410
(937) 409-7514 (mobile)

Heraldic Pursuivant

Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact


Bertrande Fresneau
MKA Kristen Allen-Vogel

Knight's Marshal

Silas de Mohun
MKA Aaron Porter

Marshal of Fence

Lars Larsson
MKA Mike Larsen

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Inga Johansdotter
MKA Angela Acker

Minister of Youth

Gyða Arnarsdóttir
MKA Anne Berdanier


Gwennan Myngrudd
Faith Wymer
(937) 232-2484 (mobile)

Thrown Weapons Marshal



Einarr Ginnfastsson
MKA Scott Haley

Web Minister

Lancelin Peregrinus
MKA Grant Root
1723 Auburn Ave.
Dayton, OH 45406
(937) 626-7668