Baron and Baroness

The current Baron and Baroness of the Barony of the Flaming Gryphon are:

Master Dafydd Blaidd and Baroness Meriel Fitzwilliam
MKA Dave Majors and Jani Riley
4906 Silver Arrow Dr.
Riverside, OH 45327
937-271-6507 (Dave)
937-602-3008 (Jani)

Their Excellencies were elevated at the Grand Tournament of the Unicorn on 4/2/2011.

The previous Barons and Baronesses have been:

  • Sir Lorimer MacAltin of Garioch (10/13/1979 to 3/7/1987, founding Baron) and Baroness Ealasaid of the Isles (7/10/1982 - 3/7/1987)
  • Syr Berach de Winterbourne (3/7/1987 to 4/17/2004) and Baroness Myfanwy of Ceredigion (9/19/1987 to 4/17/2004)
  • Baron Nicholas of Wicklow and Baroness Soffya von Kulp (4/17/2004 to 4/4/2009)
  • Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy and Duchesse Sabine de Rouen (4/4/2009 to 4/2/2011)