Champions of the Barony

The Barony of the Flaming Gryphon is well served by our champions, listed below. You can also view a list of our past champions.

Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion

Magnus Refsson MKA Shawn O'Hara

Baronial Archery Champions

Bertrande Fresneau MKA Kristen Allen-Vogel (longbow)

Taliesin of Archenfield MKA Joe Herbert (crossbow)

Baronial Artisan

Kokitsu MKA ???
Willow AuĂ°inardottir (youth)

Baronial Bard

Isolde de la Ramée MKA Mary Klein Savelli

Capitaine de Grif (Baronial Rapier Champion)

Gunnar Redboar MKA Patrick Hayes

Gaming Champion

Arthur Bear MKA Bryan Wymer

Thrown Weapons Champion

Baron Orn Askelsson MKA Mike Klefas