Champions of the Barony

The Barony of the Flaming Gryphon is well served by our champions, listed below. You can also view a list of our past champions.

Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion

Einarr Ginnfastsson MKA Scott Haley

Baronial Archery Champions

Sabine de Creuequoer (longbow)

Joshua Frost MKA James Rutan (crossbow)

Matthew of Wolfhou (youth)

Baronial Artisan

Osmundus Thorkellson MKA Craig Osborne

Molly of Flaming Gryphon (youth)

Baronial Bard

Kathryn le Wrytar MKA Kathy Hall-Burden

Capitaine de Grif (Baronial Rapier Champion)


Gaming Champion

Christopher of Saint Joan MKA Chris Minniear

Thrown Weapons Champion

Baron Orn Askelsson MKA Mike Klefas